How It Works

  1. A student who needs clothing is referred by the school principal, counselor, nurse, or teacher.
  2. After obtaining a referral for this service, a parent or guardian brings the student to Locker #505.  
  3. Each student receives a minimum of two sets of clothing, new socks and new underwear.
  4. If needed and if available, each student also receives shoes and a jacket or coat.  
  5. Students may visit the clothing bank twice during the school year, once in the fall and once in the spring. 


A Positive Experience

When a student comes to Locker #505, we want them to have a pleasant and positive experience. The idea is to empower them by letting them choose what they would feel comfortable wearing to school.

Empowered Students

To help make sure students are comfortable and  empowered,  we ask parents to wait in the car or waiting area while the student comes in and selects their clothing outfits. 

Safety and Privacy

Our volunteers are there to help students decide what outfits look good and fit well in a personalized "boutique-style" shopping experience. Private fitting rooms are available, of course.​